YO if yous guys are bored, we be straight up grindin.  AKA being unproductive and fancy fresh ilu come join us please.  Everyone and anyone is invited! 

A drawing of Mad Moxxi from the (amazing) Borderlands games.

Princess Lena in all her cutie splendor.

Anonymous asked: this is going to sound random, but i just couldn't get the idea of it out of my head: can you draw your character x as a sailor moon villain???

SO HAHA I’ve actually thought about this particular thing before???  It may come as some surprise (or not idk) that I loved sailor moon growing up.  The manga was a heavy influence on my style for a long time.  

ANYWAY one of my fav arcs was with the Black Moon Clan and X seemed to fit the bill for the group.HOWEVER she is somewhat of an anti-hero.  She is not inherently bad, but she just doesn’t want to be good because she is bitter.  Therefore in the face of death or changing her ways, she most definitely goes for the latter.

Warning: can of worms has been opened, cannot be resealed oops

OH!  Forgot to upload the generic faerie eyrie i drew up for the AG.

A random anon asked (very politely and gratefully) if I wouldn’t mind doodling Audrey Hepburn along with my old photo kick I’m in.  So here we are <:

Andddd another vintage photo drawing session!

Mizi’s current standing anthro design!!!

I’ve been art blocking really hard lately so I keep on drawing these 1920’s ladies to get me outta my funk.  It’s fun c:

A few more 1920’s picture sketches for fun.