Andddd another vintage photo drawing session!

Mizi’s current standing anthro design!!!

I’ve been art blocking really hard lately so I keep on drawing these 1920’s ladies to get me outta my funk.  It’s fun c:

A few more 1920’s picture sketches for fun.

Did some drawings of pictures from this awesome place for warm ups.

Ramona Flowers, aka my biggest crush since I can remember.  Love this girl.

I am so trashy, here have my kawaii space mutant acara, Rhuxa.

Just another RGD person. (: Dressed as Ramona Flowers!

Buns are so complicated to draw, but I had to give props to my biggest bby Lena boo. <3

Mizifea is my sweet lil dragon boo baby.  Bless the faerie grarrl yo.