I am so trashy, here have my kawaii space mutant acara, Rhuxa.

Just another RGD person. (: Dressed as Ramona Flowers!

Buns are so complicated to draw, but I had to give props to my biggest bby Lena boo. <3

Mizifea is my sweet lil dragon boo baby.  Bless the faerie grarrl yo.

Eviette boo bear doodle

I don’t always do quad, but when I do, trashy sea princess.

A quick bug study from the other night

rockyrad asked: Hi! I just wanted to say that your work is major fantastic like oh my god wow <3 <3

Oh my gosh that is incredibly nice of you!!!  Hearing stuff like this is honestly one of the coolest things ever and I can’t tell you how deeply I appreciate you taking your time to tell me ;oooo; <3

A study of this Waterhouse piece.  My internet was out all last night and I happen to have a huuuge folder of beautiful inspiring pieces and this was in it.  Waterhouse is actually my favorite artist truth be told and I buy every art book of his stuff that I can get my hands on.  This was done as an exercise in speed and technique.  I did not allow myself to linger on it long as I usually tend to do.  It was fun and enlightening though!

And another!